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Kodak Film School Competition (2009)

Best Cinematography Award for the film Half Kenneth

Los Angeles Reel Film Festival (2009)

Best Cinematography Award for the Music Video for "No More" by Layla Lane

Terror Film Festival (2009)

Best Director of Photography Award for the film Downriver

International Short Film Festival of India (2010)

Best Cinematography Award for the film Appa Vandaar

Jaipur International Film Festival (2012)

Best Cinematography Award for the film Miyuki's Wind Bell

15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival (2013)

Best Cinematography Award for the film The Abel's House is Green


Martin Tsai - The Los Angeles Times

"The stately, underlighted dolly shots gracefully evoke the golden age of Japanese sword-fight films. This is movie magic."

Marc Savlov - The Austin Chronicle

"[Fukumoto and Yamamoto] make a winning pair, complemented throughout the film by some deeply evocative compositions and lighting from Director of Photography Chris Freilich."

Teodor Reljic - Malta Today

"[Simshar is] also a politically sensitive, sumptuously shot drama that ultimately delivers an emotional punch. [...] Cinematographer Chris Freilich and production designers Nina Gerada and Jonathan Hagos are to be commended for breathing life to the Marsaxlokk setting in particular. Whether they’re representing the daily bustle of the fishing village or the chaos of the festa, the place feels lived-in and immersive, never a picture-postcard depiction."

Steve Pond - The Wrap

"Malta's first Oscar entry is a beautifully shot, dark drama...with a gut wrenching twist."


John Bailey, ASC - Cinematographer

"Half Kenneth is a beautifully made film and the anamorphic photography supports varying compositions well. Also done well is the delicacy of the Manzanar desert scenes."

Janusz Kaminski - Cinematographer

"Magdalene is unparalleled in beauty and sensibility."

Dana Benningfield - Writer/Producer

"Chris was the cinematographer on my film, BUST. Having written the piece and imagined it in my mind, I honestly thought as both writer and producer I knew what the film should look like. But then Chris came on board and he, working in conjunction with the director, lifted it off the page and brought it to life in a way I couldn't have imagined. The end result was a vast improvement, thanks to his artistic vision!"

Ken Ochiai - Director

"I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Freilich on numerous projects. Chris is a cinematographer with an extraordinary visual as well as profound story-telling ability. His advanced knowledge in both camera equipment and visual effects is exceptional. While he has a clear idea of what he wants to convey within a frame, he also remains open to suggestion. He works and communicates in such a way as to get the best possible work from his directors.


In addition, he always surrounded himself with an excellent team of lighting, grip and camera crew. This talented crew wants to work with Chris because of his brilliance as a cinematographer, his ability to demand from them and help them grow, and their trust that the final piece will be of outstanding quality. He possesses that special nature great film filmmakers have, that drives those around him to push themselves to their creative limit, and beyond.


Collaboration with him allowed me to grow as an artist, and as a human being. I fully appreciate his professional dedication and his inquisitive nature and invigorating spirit."

Barrett Klausman - Director/Producer

"My writing/Directing partner and I had the pleasure to have Chris work as the Director of Photography on a pilot we shot a few years back called "Emerald Acres". Needless to say I consider myself fortunate to have had his creative involvement and friendship throughout the process. He was able to take our hopes and visual dreams and turn them into something breathtaking.


He has a very professional presence when working on a tough shooting set and understands how to balance out working within the confines of a budget but still delivering a project that far exceeds its dollar amount. Chris is a virtually untapped cinematic genius and I am enjoying watching his career soar upward. I can only hope I get another chance to play with him in the creative playground."

Daniel Lapira - Editor

"Working side by side Chris was inspiring and an amazing experience. He is a highly motivated, hard working professional with a determination to achieve only the best results and standards, a true professional with an extraordinary talent for telling stories visually complimented with an exceptional technical background. Approaching projects with an open mind and always ready to listen makes Chris a great person to be around and a great cinematographer you can trust and rely on."

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